May 9th, 2018
Soo Sings For Kids

Work Places Coming Together

2017 Judges

Great Team Building for a Great Cause

All for the Kids!

The Soo Sings for Kids 2018 | May 9, 2018

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The Soo Sings for Kids is a local workplace glee competition, that awards teams with prize money for their Sault Ste. Marie children’s charity of choice. 

On May 9, 2018, at the Sault Community Theatre Centre, The Soo Sings for Kids will bring together more than 100 employees from six local workplaces, singing and dancing for six local children’s charities.    

Over the past five years this annual performance has raised $94,000 for several Sault Ste. Marie children’s charities. This event has become one of the most anticipated entertainment events in our community, with another sold out performance expected again this year! 

Sponsorship plays a vital role in the success of this event, and we welcome your support to help with the production costs. Sponsorship fosters our goal every year to donate 100% of ticket sales to the local children’s charities. Kindly consider supporting the Soo Sings for Kids 2018, and help us celebrate our 6th anniversary!

Heard on Stage:

I joined Soo Sings to stay fit and get active.

I wanted an excuse to hangout with my co-workers outside of work.

I'm in it for the kids!

Singing and dancing - how could I not?

I've never done anything like this before - I wanted a new challenge!

It's a rush - so much practicing and then it's done and over in the blink of an eye on performance night.

I love all the support and encouragement - all the teams are so friendly!

I don't know how they do it - but the mentors turn my two left feet and twangy notes into something spectacular.