May 8th, 2019
Soo Sings For Kids

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All for the Kids!

The Soo Sings for Kids 2019 | May 8, 2019

Can you sing and dance?
It doesn’t matter when it’s for the kids!

Eager and energetic teams made up of local workplaces, along with a vocal and a dance mentor will put together a spectacular performance for the 7th annual Soo Sings for Kids fundraising event. We’ve raised over $110,000 since 2013…

do you want to help us raise the bar? 

Team registration opens October 1st, 2018 and we’re looking for additional teams to join this amazing event!

What does it take?
Contact to get started.
You’ll need 10-25 of your most passionate workmates (or whoever is willing… trust us, it’s fun!)

Why join?
The benefits of entering a team with your coworkers-besides doing amazing things for kids in the community- are countless. 

From the first brainstorming meeting to the final performance, teams say they feel more connected to their teammates, workplaces and to their community. They laugh more together at work, they practice singing in the lunch rooms- there’s just a bit more fun injected into their work week. 

The positivity truly permeates through the community, through the engaged workplaces and team members.

How to get involved?
If you’ve never been to a show, entering a team is a GREAT way to start.

To explore sponsorship options e-mail Miranda at
If you’d like to support a team through mentoring dance or vocals, we’d love to have you!

For information on any of the above just e-mail

Looking for tickets? Stay tuned! (*hint* they will be available before Christmas)